Why become an ICCS consultant?

Interested in becoming a licensed provider?

The ICCS is founded on the approach that every individual owns their career and that every career is different. Therefore, it is essential to work with the entire person and the full range of their work and life experiences. Building on these elements, the ICCS helps the career consultant act as a facilitator in the client’s own journey of self-discovery and purposeful action.

What our consultants say...

How our training works?

ICCS consultant training is usually provided over the Web in six one-hour sessions with intermediate homework. This is provided in two-person peer-coaching pairs, so that participants experience both sides of the career consulting experience. If you wish, we will try to pair you with another applicant for consultant training. The training provides an in-depth look at both underlying intelligent career theory and the ICCS consulting process. Hands-on experience with the ICCS, is provided along with and guidance on how to use the ICCS with both individual clients and workshop groups.

Successful graduates of the ICCS consultant training program will receive a certificate of qualification and be eligible to take out an ICCS consultant’s license. In turn, the license will qualify you to be registered on the ICCS website, and to have unlimited use that website and its services in future consulting activities. If you are interested, please contact us at "info@intelligentcareer.com" We are committed to support the use of the ICCS in higher education teaching and research.