Learn about teaching with the ICCS

Academic Institutions around the globe have been successfully utilizing the ICCS platform to differentiate themselves, and the experience of their students in preparing for the next step in their careers. It can also be effectively used to provide an additional service to alums.
You can use the ICCS in graduate student orientation workshops, in specialized career development classes, or as an experiential component of courses in leadership, organizational behavior, or human resource management. You can also use it to provide additional services for alums, either individually or in workshop groups. Our online platform supports you through the complete process from uploading a class list to helping participants determine and follow up on their individual action steps.
See what other educators say about us:
"I have used the ICCS extensively with executive students at both London Business School and IMD. It is the most effective tool I have seen for helping individuals help themselves along their career journeys. Rather than finding the "ideal box" for you to fit in, it helps you to map the space in which you will do your best work and develop in the ways most important to you."
- Maury Peiperl, George Mason University, USA
The ICCS online system is an exceptional tool for better understanding one’s career motivations. The system provides participants with a thorough and practical means to make sense of their career aspirations, and in turn to take significant career development actions. I have successfully used the ICCS in both English and French since 2014 in my business school career management courses. The feedback from students is consistently positive, with many commenting on the clarity they have gained in managing their own careers.
- Jonathan Peterson, IAE-AIX, France
We use ICCS in our Business Administration Masters of Science specialization in HRM. The peer-coaching tool is part of our Careers and Organization course and is used to highlight how individual careers can serve organizations, and how organizations can serve individual careers. Students love the experience, and it provides great input for follow-up sessions addressing meaningful work, talent development, and related topics. It also broadens the students’ awareness of workforce diversity beyond the usual indicators of gender, age and ethnicity.
- Svetlana Khapova, VU University, The Netherlands
I use the Spanish version of the ICCS with incoming MBA students at my university. Students choose their cards before starting the program, and work with a peer coach upon their arrival. They absolutely love it! It is a great way to set the scene for a program that will focus on their development as professionals, and not just on incorporating new knowledge. During the whole program the peer coaches keep accessing the website to track progress, share materials, and stay connected with an assigned professional coach. By the end of the program many describe their peer coaches as “a new sibling”.
- Pamela Suzanne, Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina

Frequently asked questions

What teaching steps are involved?
Successive steps involve inviting and monitoring participants’ completion of the initial card sort exercise, establishing peer-coaching teams, managing peer-coaching interactions, and leading the group to determine individual Career Themes and associated Action Steps for each theme. Each of these steps is facilitated through our ICCS website. Every step is conducted in confidence between you and each separate peer-coaching team (of two or three people) that you establish at the outset.
Can the ICCS be used by a Careers Office?
You can use it with individual students who need special attention or with a workshop group. Your interaction with individuals will respond to what they have indicated they would like to talk about through their card selections. Workshop groups provide an efficient way of simultaneously leading people through the exercise while providing individual attention where needed. Students or alums across different locations can also enjoy working together through our online services. Site licenses are available. Contact us for more information.
Can I use it in an online class?
The ICCS system is designed for any regular, online or hybrid course. Peer coaching members can each work on one-another’s card selections and notes over the web in their own time. You will be able to monitor and comment on the conversations that they hold, and the career themes that they identify. The class experience will usually end with the determination of individual action steps. You will also be able to monitor participants’ further pursuit of those action steps if you, or they, wish.
Can I rely on your system?
Our hosting service is through Amazon Web Services (AWS) which sustains a 99.95% availability world-wide. AWS also provides a level of security that meets the highest international standards, including the European Community’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our ICCS programs insist that we never see your individual password, and that consultant-client relationships, either one-on-one or in peer-coaching teams, are kept confidential.
Can I invite people to help me?
Our system allows you to invite professional coaches, for example career development specialists or qualified alums, to volunteer to join your class. You facilitate that by assigning those volunteer coaches to specific peer-coaching teams, so that they can share the load of supervising the career conversations those peer-coaches hold with one-another. The confidential nature of each peer-coaching team will be extended to any professional coach that you appoint.
Can participants order the ICCS through a bookstore?
We have an established arrangement with Follett Higher Education Group, the largest campus store operator in North America, to allow ICCS students to purchase an ICCS login in the same way as they would order a textbook. There is no physical distribution involved. Bookstores simply mediate between Intelligent Careers Group and the purchaser in providing access to our website. We stand ready to establish a similar arrangement with other bookstore companies.
Contact us directly for more information on our program for educators.